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Welcome to MMS  Java Source Code Analyzer JStyle Automatically identifies potential problems in a Java program by analyzing the source code. Java Class File Browser JBrowser is a class file browser. Understand class structure, hierarchy, and element dependencies from byte codes. Once you use it, you are sure to get addicted to the tool!
Java Source Code Evolution Analyzer JEvolve helps you understand how your Java code has evolved across versions. For example, accurately determine what has changed in JDK 1.4 in relation to the previous versions. Identify the impact of code change on regression testing. Java Source Code Beautifier JPretty Automatically formats Java source to specific coding guidelines. Free!
Java Test Coverage Analyzer JCover is a code coverage analyzer.  Use it to determine how well your code has been tested. NEW RELEASE 2.0.  
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British Aerospace Systems 
   Defence Consultants, U.K.
Ericsson Communicazions SPA, 
Nokia, Finland
Siemens Switzerland Ltd, 
Symantec, U.S.A.

and many more...

Java Invasive Testing Tool JVerify facilitates  unit/integration testing by supporting a unique  invasive testing model.  Design-by-ContractTM is also supported.
Tool for Incorporating Design by Contract(TM) Technique JMSAssert lets you incorporate Design-by-ContractTM principles in your Java programs. Free!

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